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Van Air Systems: Reliable Compressed Air Dehydration and Why You Need a Compressed Air Dryer

Van Air Systems was founded in 1944 and has worked strenuously through the years to establish a reputation for a leader in industrial innovation and quality. Van Air Inc. is the leading manufacturer of tabletted, absorbent desiccants for compressed air dehydration and related applications. Its safe to say, with over 65 years of experience in the industry, Van Air Systems can stand behind their claim to provide some of the best moisture removal technologies that will ensure prolonging the quality and mechanical lifespan of pneumatic equipment.

The Importance of a Compressed Air Dryer

When selecting a dryer for your compressed air system there are a few important questions to ask, to name a few: How dry do you need the machines air supply to be? What are the manufacturers specifications on exact equipment output for the machine? What are the benefits of different designs of dryers for the machines manufacturer specifications?

Ambient air entering an air compressor will always contain moisture and water vapor. To put this into perspective, in a 25-hp air compressor, somewhere between 75 degrees fahrenheit and 75% relative humidity, approximately 20 gallons of water will be collected each day of use. It is imperative that this water vapor is condensed and removed from the air system because condensate, water vapor or moisture are contaminates that will inevitably, adversely affect your equipments operational quality.

Among many other adverse affects of failure to remove contaminates, such as condensate, from your air system one of the main affects that are most commonly seen as a result of moisture collection in an air system is corrosion, air leaks, pressure loss and formation of scale substance within the distribution system of the compressor.

Vanair Systems offers a number of options for portable compressed air dryers. Single tower deliquescent dryers, miniature heatless dryers, large heatless dryers, explosion proof dryers, in-line desiccant dryers and the simplest of Vanair systems line of portable compressed air dryers: moisture blocking dryers.

See Below for More Information on the Various Compressed Air System Portable Drying options that Vanair Systems has to offer.


Single Tower Deliquescent Dryers

In a Single Tower Deliquescent Dryer, there are two main pieces of operational equipment in the dryer. The Vessel which air passes through before it is distributed back into the air system, and the desiccant which is held within the vessel to facilitate the moisture collection process. In a Single Tower Deliquescent Dryer, wet air enters through the inlet at the bottom of the vessel. This air flows up through the desiccant inside of the vessel where desiccant operates similarly to a sponge, pulling moisture from the air as it travels through the vessel. After the desiccant has collected moisture from the air, the air is sent through an exit valve at the top of the vessel and on its way through the compressed air system as dry, clean air. Moisture that is collected by the desiccant, over time, causes the desiccant to dissolve and pool at the bottom of the vessel where it is drained through a specific valve as a clear liquid solution. The Vanair Systems single tower deliquescent dryer, when used with Vanair systems Dry-O-Lite desiccant, this dryer automatically provides a dew point that is approximately 20°F lower than temperature of the air at the vessel inlet. Because this drying system has no moving parts or electrical components, the single tower deliquescent dryers from the Vanair portable drying system line can be confidently applied in dirty or hazardous locations where a compressed air system is being used.


Miniature Heatless Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed air dryers in the mini-heatless dryer range from Vanair systems are compact, simple to install, and easy to maintain. "These dryers deliver a -40°F pressure dew point to protect pneumatic equipment and processes from the harmful and costly effects of compressed air moisture. In critical applications, MHL Series dryers can deliver a -100°F pressure dew point. Each MHL Series dryer has advanced purge savings capability to minimize the waste of valuable compressed air. When the dryer is wired directly to an air compressor pressure switch or to auxiliary contacts, the dryer purge valves will open/ close in parallel with the loading/unloading of the air compressor or point-of-use process. Stored memory in the dryer controller resumes the dryer cycling at the point where it left off". (more information about this can be found on the Vanair mini heatless brochure attached to the bottom of this article)


Large Heatless

The large heatless portable drying option from Vanair boasts extremely dry air for high demand application. These pieces of drying equipment were engineered with long service life and high demand application at the forefront of engineering planning. "All HL series compressed air dryers include patented Interlock Logic valve sequencing to protect compressed air systems from premature loss of flow or pressure. Interlock Logic guarantees that each phase of the drying cycle is completed before the next can begin. This ensures uninterrupted air flow at constant pressure for downstream equipment and prevents accidental vessel re-pressurization, a vital safety feature.".

These Large heatless dryers are ideal for pharmaceutical, manufacturing, refining and petrochemical, power generation and processing industry applications. They are rated for a flow rate of 200 through 2000 SCFM and have the option to add energy saving controls to make their operation environmentally friendly.

(See links below for more information in the form of a printable brochure).


HLSXA Explosion Proof

This series of Heatless Dryers were designed with reliability in dangerous environments in mind. They were engineered to operate in the most challenging and harshest of environments where safety is the number one priority.

Designed with natural gas service in mind. These dryers remove water vapor from saturated streams of hydrocarbon gas through the process of pressure swing absorption. Pressure Swing Absorption or PSA, is a technology used to separate some gas species from a mixture of gases under pressure according to the species' molecular characteristics and affinity for an adsorbent material.

This series of dryers are ideal for application in instrument gas dehydration, fuel gas conditioning and instrument gas drying in hazardous area locations.

All seals and solenoids in this range of heatless dryers are approved for gas service. Purge gas and exhaust vapors from control solenoids are routed to a single collection point and may be routed to a vapor recovery unit or flare.


In-Line Desiccant Dryer

These are cartridge based dryers that remove water vapor from small flows of compressed air and gas. Most commonly, these dryers are installed at a point where extremely dry airflow is absolutely necessary. These dryers, much like the single tower dryers Vanair Systems offers, are comprised of a few very simple and easy to understand parts. The desiccant cartridge, a cast aluminum vessel, a cast aluminum head, and a closer clamp.

Because there are no moving parts within this dryer, maintenance of this drying system is extremely simple. The silicon gel desiccant cartridge will need to be replaced periodically when the gel desiccant has turned from blue to pink. Doesn't get much more simple than that.


As demonstrated above, Vanair Systems offers a number of options for portable compressed air dryers. Single tower deliquescent dryers, miniature heatless dryers, large heatless dryers, explosion proof dryers, in-line desiccant dryers and the simplest of Vanair systems line of portable compressed air dryers: moisture blocking dryers.

In most manufacturing facilities or applications where compressed air is used, having a clean, dry flow of compressed air is not only a matter of efficient operation but more importantly, imperative to ensure the safety of production line or facility workers.

Vanair Systems has gone above and beyond to provide a range of drying mechanisms to ensure both of these necessities are met.


Explosion Proof Heatless Brochure

Large Heatless Brochure

Single Tower Deliquescent Brochure:

Mini-Heatless Brochure:

Other Pertinant Information

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