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Trusted Brands in Compressed Air: Our Top Picks for Best Industrial Air Compressor Manufacturers

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

With 30 years of Experience in the Industrial Air Industry and market, Industrial Service Components has come to know the best industrial air options on the market today. We have tried and tested many manufacturers and air compressor engineering firms technology and machinery and narrowed down, what we feel and trust, to be the most reliable industrial air equipment and machinery on the market today.

FS-Curtis "Built for Today. Committed to Tomorrow". FS Curtis built the first Masterline air compressors in 1897, setting the gold standard for superior engineering and design for all future generations of compressors. They have carried on the longstanding tradition of producing some of the most high-quality, world class industrial air equipment since 1854. They are proud to hold the claim that FS Curtis Machinery Is not “some of” but THE most rugged industrial, air compressor machinery you can buy on the market. They manufacture rotary screw, reciprocating and oil-free air compressors and are one of the most innovative and cost-effective solutions on the market. It’s no secret that FS Curtis employs highly professional and skilled engineering staff and a factory trained distribution network that is highly committed to supplying the customer with a complete package when they invest in a piece of FS Curtis Machinery. From sales to service and repair. FS Curtis and their distribution network is committed to a job through to completion. The Companies Legacy has been longstanding for over 160 years, and in our opinion, reliable equipment and manufacturing practices that have been passed down through the generations, providing some of the most recognizable value on the market today, is a brand you can trust with your manufacturing facilities air supply needs.

BOGE With over 100 years in the Industrial Air market, BOGE has built their trademark machinery on a commitment to quality and efficiency of their compressors and compressed air solution technology. Not only that, but BOGE is a family led and operated business since its founding in 1907, and it’s no secret that Industrial Service Components prides itself in being a locally owned and operated family business that supports other family owned and operated businesses! BOGE’s Headquarters is based in the city of Bielefeld in Germany. Their manufacturing facility employs approximately 700 highly skilled employees who give their best, daily, to ensure BOGE industrial air is available and any time in any place. They prided themselves on efficiency, flexibility, safety, quality, and exemplary service. The core characteristics of the air compressors BOGE manufactures are efficiency, durability, and innovative progress. Their innovation has earned them the Diamond star for “best 4.0 industrial business solution” in 2017.

VMAC air takes pride in being the Leader in Compressed Air innovation. They design and manufacture some of the most innovative mobile air compressors and multi-power systems on the market today. They have earned a reputation for air compressors and multi-power systems that have come of the highest quality, durable, reliable and extraordinarily built technology and machinery available to the compressed air and industrial consumer. At Industrial Service Components Inc., we see a high demand for VMAC mobile air compressors. We regularly install, repair and service these machines rigged to manufacturing trucks of all kinds on a regular basis. They are a true workhorse in the realm of mobile air compressors and multi-power tool systems. Their technology in tow-behind air compressors and vehicle-integrated and vehicle mounted compressed air are, inarguably the best mobile air source for municipalities. VMAC provides options for abovedeck vehicle mounted air compressors, gas driven air compressors, diesel driven air compressors hydraulic driven air compressors, vehicle integrated air compressors and under hood air compressors. For city work mobile-air supply, VMAC is the number one pick in our book!

Industrial Service Components not only sells air compressors from Boge, Atlas Copco, FS Curtis, VMAC, Industrial Air, Mattei, Rolair, Jenny, Hertz and FirstAir, but we offer a complete product through to completion. We service repair and warranty most of the brands we represent. For more information on a list of brands we are a warranty center for, email or call (360) 597-3061.

For a full list of our industrial air partners we trust see below, or contact us for a quote today!

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