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Industrial Service Components Inc | A Proud Quincy Compressor Partner

Industrial Service Components Inc. is Proud to announce our 2023 Partnership with Quincy Compressor.

In the beginning of 2023, we were given the pleasure of partnering with Quincy Air Compressor. This was an absolute dream come true for Industrial Service Components as Quincy’s Rotary Screw and Piston Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and air treatment products are found in many of the industrial world’s most demanding applications.

We partner with Quincy because we believe they have one of the most reliable and trustworthy names in the industrial air application industry. With over 30 years of experience working with a broad array of industrial air machines and other related equipment, we have had the opportunity to rebuild, recommission and repair dozens of Quincy machines. In our opinion, these machines simply cannot be forced to quit. They withstand some of the harshest work environments and have the capability to survive.

Quincy units are our first choice for rental units when it comes to most of our customers whose other, onsite machines, have failed them. If we’re going to haul a piece of equipment to a plant and put the effort into completing a temporary installation of an air compressor, were going to employ the help of a brand we can trust with our reputation on the line.

Not only are these units reliable when it comes to use as rental units, Quincy offers a broad array of accessories and other products that serve to keep their units in circulation of industrial employment for many years. We frequently receive calls from customers seeking parts for their Quincy machines that have been around since before many of our employee were born. Some of the Quincy machines still being used by several our customers today are 50 – 60 years old and counting. The oldest working Quincy unit in pristine operational condition is owned by a man by the name of Mike Jacobs in Pike County Illinois and his Quincy machine goes by the nickname ‘little blue’ and is nearing 100 years old.

Some of the featured machines that Quincy offers are their premium line of high performance, fixed and variable speed rotary screw compressors that provide continue pressurized air for any application, reciprocating compressors that have a longstanding reputation as being some of the most reliable and low maintenance machines in compressed air and their Oil-Free compressors that are the perfect solution to environments where 100% oil free air is necessary. Quincy also offers several products in vacuum pump applications, air treatment and drying, natural gas and they provide phenomenal parts and services through vendors like us to keep all of the equipment they produce in top condition.

The World’s Finest Rotary and Reciprocating Air Compressors

Quincy’s rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors have been coined as the world’s finest air compressors. With a company name that reaches an expanse of over 100 years, with every Quincy air system and compressor purchase you also receive decades of experience in the design and operation of energy efficient compressed air systems. Thousands of diverse applications around the globe use Quincy machines for a reason.

The Bottom line is:

For lack of beating a dead horse, Quincy’s reputation for reliability and durability dates back over 100 years. Their manufacturing and engineering teams have continued to refine and improve not only the products they offer but reflect on and innovate ways to maintain products sold in the past.

Quincy air compressors are supported by some of the most competitive warranty programs in the market. Their confidence in their products is so far-reaching that they offer some warranty packages that cover the expanse of up to 10 years.

This level of confidence gives us the assurance we need to make the assertion that Quincy’s machines are of the upmost consistency in reliability, and we can boldly place our customers satisfaction in the hands of Quincy innovation, with every Quincy machine we distribute.

Industrial Service Components Inc is an Industrial Air Compressor Merchant, Repair Specialist and Routine Maintenance Provider in the Northwest Territories of Oregon, Washington, and Western Idaho for over 30 years. We have developed, through continues education and improvement, an authoritative reputation in the industry for being the team that can provide a solution. We pride ourselves in maintaining and cultivating relationships with our customers through providing solutions and honest appraisals time and again for any person who dials in on our breakdown support or Vancouver, WA. store location phone lines.

We offer a broad array of air compressor products and services, on site and virtual troubleshooting assistance, used air compressor units for purchase, air compressor rental units for largescale plants complete with installation assistance and we maintain pride in our reputation for being a supplier that follows through from showroom floor to finalization and commissioning post installation of products and equipment.

Call us today at (360) 597-3061 or email for equipment assistance, air compressor sales, service, and repair and more.


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