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Nitrogen Purity: The importance of It and Our Top Pick for Nitrogen Systems

What is Nitrogen Purity? Simply put, the level of purity in nitrogen application refers to the concentration or ‘level’ of gas. An example of this can easily be seen in the air we breathe. In fifth grade science class we all learned that nitrogen accounts for nearly 80% of the air we breathe very day. This percentage of nitrogen in our daily breathing air is considered the ‘purity’ of the air. The other two elements in the air we breathe are oxygen and other trace gases. If you start to eliminate or subtract oxygen concentration from the air in a given space, the purity of the air in that space increases because the ratio of Nitrogen within that airspace to oxygen increases.

Why is this so important? Well, Nitrogen purity is used in a number of industries; Metal Fabrication and Processing, Laboratory use, Power Generation, Food and Beverage Processing and Production, Pharmaceutical use, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Extraction, Plastic manufacturing, Electronics and Chemical handling to name a few. In all of these industries having a purity level that is exactly what is needed for the industry will prevent in costly and damaging incidents and error.

Some of the industries mentioned above, use Nitrogen purification in very different ways. For example, in the food and beverage industry, Beer -brewing Specifically, the typical purity level of the nitrogen is 99.99% and Nitrogen is used to protect full-leaf hops from degradation during the storage period of the brewing process, assist in the purging of headspace to extend shelf life of the final product and surprisingly, Nitrogenating of the product helps improve texture and taste.

Today’s top pick for Nitrogen Generation and Purification:

As a company in the industrial sector, we find that entrusting and working with vendors that have the highest expectations in quality and performance of their machines is the number one priority when we make choices about who we represent as a company. Today, our top pick for Nitrogen Generation and Purification is Holtec Gas Systems. Not only does Holtec Gas Systems prioritize the quality of mechanical performance of their equipment, they care strongly about customers return on investment when making the decision to install a Holtec Nitrogen Generation System in their facility. Holtec has made strong claims that they prioritize the use of a science force over a sales force that ensures that a, with a clean air supply, filter changes, a nitrogen generation system from Holtec will run like new for 10 years, if not longer.

Because Holtec Gas Systems has been in the industry since 1999, they can easily be considered top experts in the field an dindustry of Nitrogen Generation and Gas Purification.

Why you should purchase a Nitrogen Generator from Holtec Gas Systems

The primary reason any facility would want to make a substantial equipment purchase, is to save money. Holtec Gas Systems lines of nitrogen generation and Air/Gas Purification systems have been proven to cut costs in both the electricity required to operate the system as well as maintenance costs. Below is a list of ways Purchasing a Nitrogen Generator from Holtec Gas Systems proving to be a substantial return on investment:

  • ROI- The initial investment in a nitrogen generator is typically paid back in less than one year. This ROI is even more dramatic for high nitrogen prices found in locations which are remote, or simply distant from the gas suppliers production site.

  • Operational Flexibility- In addition to the expense of bulk nitrogen, purchasing nitrogen comes with harsh terms including price increases contractually dictated by the supplier. Contracts are typically 5-10 years and can be very restrictive. Purchasing Nitrogen often comes with charged for tank rental fees, delivery fees and hazardous materials surcharges.

  • Convenience – Self-generated nitrogen is under your control. If you decide to run a second shift, nitrogen will be available! No need to work through contract, availability, and pricing details with your supplier.

  • Reduced Safety Concerns – Self-generated nitrogen is typically stored at less than 100 psig/7 barg (possibly up to 400psig/28 barg for some applications such as laser cutting). Cylinders are typically pressurized at more than 2000 psig/138 barg. Liquid nitrogen is stored at very low temperature which presents freezing hazards and when safety features fail, can cause extreme over-pressurization in downstream equipment.

  • Purity Control – Bulk Nitrogen is typically supplied at ultra-high purity (>99.999%), significantly greater than most industrial requirements and requires more electricity to produce. In contrast, nitrogen generators are sized to produce only the flow and capacity required by the facility. Smaller, less costly systems can be acquired if purity is customized to your actual need.

  • Consumption Rates - Pay only for the nitrogen you consume. When you are not using nitrogen, the nitrogen generator will turn off, consuming no electricity. Liquid Nitrogen will boil off when not being consumed and must be released through safety valves. Additionally, some suppliers require you to take a certain amount and may empty your tank to the atmosphere before refilling.


For more information regarding Nitrogen Generators and Air/Gas Purification Systems, feel free to contact us today and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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