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With more than 65 years of experience developing desiccant formulas, Van Air Systems is the original and leading manufacturer of deliquescent desiccants for drying compressed air and gases. From a definition standpoint, a desiccant is a hygroscopic substance used as a drying agent. Many are commonly encountered in packaging to keep the contents dry and free from mold or mildew. However, for many industrial uses, deliquescent desiccants are a dependable, cost-effective, and energy-free tool for a wide range of industrial drying applications. Van Air Systems offers a variety of adsorbent desiccants, including activated alumina, silica gel, and molecular sieve. These desiccants are used in point-of-use applications, as well as in regenerative drying applications.

Overall, there are seven types of deliquescent desiccants offered here at Van Air Systems. Which desiccant used depends on the application and what is being dried. The different types are:

  • Dry-O-Lite - The industry-leading deliquescent desiccant and Van Air’s most popular desiccant dryer because of its combination of affordability and effectiveness.

  • SP - A deliquescent desiccant formulated primarily for the dehydration of natural gas for use in Van Air Systems Pipeline Dryers when the gas temperature is below 80°F.

  • 10BF - The most effective desiccant dryer offered by Van Air. It is more dense than other desiccants, and used primarily for the dehydration of natural gas for pipeline dryers.

  • 4UF - 4UF was developed to meet low dew point requirements when other desiccants cannot. It is used for air and gas dryers at low pressures, low flow rates, and/or low temperatures.

  • Activated Alumina - An aluminum oxide bead with an extremely porous structure and high surface area-to-mass ratio typically used as a pre-bed for supporting large desiccant beds.

  • Molecular Sieve - Similar to activated alumina, but has a fixed pore size according to the material specification, designed to deliver pressure dew point to -100°F, depending on conditions.

  • Silica Gel - A spherical bread consisting of 97% silica and 3% alumina with a highly porous surface and a strong affinity for adsorbing water -- also has the ability to change color when saturated.

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