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Reuse.  Refurbish. Trade in.

Certified Pre Owned & Refurbished

30 Years of Experience; Rebuilding & Repairing
Industrial Air Compressors & Pneumatic Accessories.

With over 33 years in the field, we have rebuilt hundreds of units to double their mechanical life expectancy. In a world where small businesses often rely on the air systems in their manufacturing facility to provide quality production and keep, we take pride in our abilities to rebuild and repair air compressors, both in house and on location. We have cultivated a company culture that focuses on keeping our customers up and running with the equipment they have, first and foremost, before suggesting the purchase of a new unit. 
Need Parts for your unit? We work with several of the most esteemed air compressor parts manufacturers for both OEM and aftermarket air compressor parts. Call or email us for more information!
When all else fails and units have been determined to be more costly to rebuild than a new unit of equivalent capabilities, we understand that company budgets can be tight. Similarly, to how cars seem to keep us on edge, Air Compressors rarely decided to give their last breath at a time that's convenient. This is why we have worked to build an inventory of certified preowned units that have been meticulously and thoroughly rebuilt to the highest standard of quality. Our certified rebuilt air compressors have withstood the test of time and proven the be a great option for any manufacturer who may be on a tight yearly budget but has to make the necessary decision to purchase a "new to me" unit to keep their facility operating. 
Have a used unit you're looking to trade in? Need a rental unit while yours is under repair? We provide both rental units and appraisals of trade in value of pre-owned equipment. We will certify your equipment and give you a fair price for your units in both operating and non-operating equipment. 
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