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Vacuum Pump Systems: HVAC Explained

In this article, we will discuss different Vacuum Pump Systems, how they work, why, how and where they are used in their many applications and why they are important in the world of industrial manufacturing and production.

Vacuum Pump Systems

Vacuum pumps are used extensively by air conditioning and refrigeration engineers to remove air and non condensible's, such as water from a system. It is important that these compounds are removed from the system because excess air and non condensible compounds in a system can cause the system itself to run extremely inefficiently and corrode internal parts of the system much more quickly.

In short, the main job of a vacuum pum system is to remove air, water and other contaminants from inside of a system.

There are four main types of industrial vacuum pump systems;

  1. Rotary Vane

  2. Reciprocating

  3. Dry Claw

  4. Liquid Ring.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Most commonly used in applications and industries such as automotive and aerospace, Rotary Vane vacuum pumps contain a circular rotor that moves within a large, round cavity.. the vane chambers are formed by the pumps movement. These vacuum pumps range from HP ratings of 1.5 hp to 10 hp and have a large variety of high-capacity model applications that can handle many levels of demand. Rotary Vane vacuum pumps were pioneered by Charles Barnes of New Brunswick and patented in 1874.

Reciprocating Vacuum Pumps

Reciprocating vacuum pumps run with a level of efficiency in the 90th percentile. They are most commonly used in and most ideal for high pressure, low flow applications such as water jet cutting.

Reciprocating pumps are one of the oldest and most dependable pump technologies in the industrial world even still today. The most common industrial applications for these pumps are chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing and production.

Dry Claw

Most commonly seen in use in the packing, printing, wood processing and wastewater management industries these pumps are true beasts in the industrial vacuum pump world. They handle the dirty and grungy applications that it takes true mechanical strength and efficiency to process through. They are considered to be the most durable vacuum pumps in the industrial world. By using twin rotors moving in opposite directions, their circular patterns will never come into contact. They are some of the highest quality and level of performance pumps on the market for applications where durability and efficiency are a top tier priority.

Liquid Ring

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are ideal for handling applications where there is a large vapor load. We most commonly see these pumps in paper production, petroleum refining, and soil remediation. They are highly efficient in factory application to suck incondensable gas from steam-turbine generators and remove water from machines in paper production.

Vacuum Pumps are an absolutely essential part of not only the manufacturing world but the field of Medicine, Fluid Systems, Meticulous processes in the printing industry, Large-scale Farming Application and even every day in home appliances.

Vacuum pumps are an integral piece of our functionality and efficiency as a society. They ensure that products that are critical to the sustainment of every day life are manufactured and delivered to the many places they need to be on time and regularly.

In the medical world, vacuum pumps are used in distillation columns, rotary evaporation, and the process of fluid aspiration. Not only are vacuum pumps used in these processes but they are highly applicable to manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Looking for Vacuum Pump Repair or Sales

We have a highly experienced sales and service team and are more than happy to help you find the right solution for your Vacuum Pump needs.

Contact for any questions you may have about vacuum pumps and industrial applications or call us at (360) 597-3061 M-F 7am to 5pm.

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